Why choose 203Apparel?

We are a local and family owned business, based out of Lewis Center Ohio. Our brand was built on years of feedback and personal experience as a fan. We put the fan (YOU!) in the middle of all of our decisions and ensure our products are available whenever you want them and delivered quickly to your doorstep. Building a team of loyal fans is our goal and we hope to serve your needs for years to come!

Where are your products manufactured and printed?

We have partnered with multiple local, regional, and national print companies to offer a diverse catalog. All of the companies we work with have been thoroughly reviewed to ensure our quality standards meet your expectations. Securing multiple partnerships gives us access to more product types and helps alleviate inventory challenges impacted by Covid-19. Our partners are logistics masters and have the capacity to print over 1 million items per year.

How can your store be available all the time but others require specific shopping windows?

It’s all about our strategy. We built this company around the simple principles of providing our fans with the products they want, available when they want them, at a competitive cost…FAST. From the beginning, our decisions were focused on that strategy and we ensure every decision we make enables us to provide an exceptional fan experience. We do not manage large overhead volumes, we keep our design work in-house, and build effective partnerships that provides us resources that only the largest brands have available to them. Although our profit margins may not be as large, we believe that staying true to our strategy builds brand loyalty.

Do you only produce sports fan products?

Although we started this business because of sports, we are glad to help with any of your needs! Bachelorette party, girls trip, school event, family reunion? We got you covered! Contact customerservice@203athletics.com and let’s get started.

I ordered multiple items why did they come in different shipments?

Since we work with multiple companies, some of your items may be produced and shipped from different locations. Don’t worry, shipping is calculated based on your total order and you will never be charged additional shipping based on manufacturers.

I need my items ASAP, can you rush shipments?

If you are in a rush and need your items by a specific date, please reach out to customerservice@203athletics.com. We will review your order and confirm availability.

I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange it?

We print your order when you purchase, this allows us to manage low to no inventory and remain cost competitive. We cannot offer exchanges or returns due to the custom nature of our business. If there are any issues with quality, we are here to help. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for more details.

There is a quality issue with my purchase, what do I do?

We never want our fans to receive a product that doesn’t meet their quality standards. All items are inspected and go through a quality check process prior to being shipped, but we understand mistakes can happen. If there is a quality issue with your product or printing, please contact us directly at customerservice@203athletics.com. We will work with you directly to replace the item.

Does your apparel run “true to size?”

All apparel brands are different and sometimes they offer different cuts. A performance shirt and an athletic cut shirt are not going to fit the same. All of our products include sizing descriptions and dimensions. Please refer to these charts prior to ordering.

Are there any minimum order requirements?

No! Our stores do not require a minimum purchase amount and usually prints within 1-2 business days after your order.

How can we help your organization with fundraising?

We have years of experience with fundraising and understand that raising funds can be a huge burden on your coaches and administrators. We own the entire process, you focus on your organization and we will send you a check when purchases are made. We can work with any organization to build a personalized fundraising approach that helps you meet your goals. Check out the Fundraising Page and Contact Us to explore how we can help.

Can I ship to an address outside of the United States?

All of our products can be shipped anywhere in the continuous United States. We do not offer international shipping at this time.

Who is 203Apparel?

203Apparel is the fan gear brand affiliated with 203Baseball, LLC.

203Baseball, LLC is the official business name registered with the state of Ohio operating under the following DBA’s (203Apparel & 203Athletics) In addition to fan gear, 203Baseball provides personalized and small group baseball training.

Our goal is to expand the 203 brand into a nationally recognized provider of baseball training services, with a heavy focus on the utilization of technology, while scaling our fan gear model. You can find additional information about the 203 brands by accessing our About Us page.

What does 203 mean?

203Athletics is a family run business and on 2/3/05 our son, Lucas, passed away. Over the years we have looked for ways memorialize him, and we thought what better way than the name of our business!? Every time we interact with our fans, see our logo, or just talk about the business it’s a reminder of what’s important in life.

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